Sylvan Series Book 2

Behind the Lie

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NYPD detective turned small town PI Laney Bird is in a fight to save lives—including her own—after a neighborhood block party turns deadly.

Praise for Behind the Lie:
“Naymark hits the rhythms of small-town life perfectly and maintains tension by alternating perspectives. Lisa Unger fans will want to take a look.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Naymark kicks off with a bang.”

Devastating. Immersive. And somehow, still redemptive. In Emilya Naymark’s deceptively charming neighborhood–a dark and ugly secret lurks behind every door.  And when two women go missing, the clash between the duties of a private investigator and the responsibilities of a parent explode into a series of impossible decisions.  A brilliant and tense mystery with heartbreaking characters–and a gasp-worthy solution. Do not miss this! Emilya Naymark is a star.
Hank Phillippi Ryan, USA Today Bestselling author of Her Perfect Life

Emilya Naymark’s BEHIND THE LIE is a page-turner. Be prepared to settle in and enjoy the ride! For those looking for a satisfying read that will keep you engaged from start to finish, I can definitely suggest BEHIND THE LIE by Emilya Naymark.
Cyrus Webb, author and radio and podcast host of #ConversationsLIVE

NYPD detective turned small town PI Laney Bird is in a fight to save lives—including her own—when an explosion of deadly violence at a block party exposes the crimes simmering underneath her neighborhood’s peaceful façade.

A transplant to the upstate New York hamlet of Sylvan, all Laney wants is a quiet life for herself and her son. But things rarely remain calm in Laney’s life.

When one neighbor, a Russian immigrant, is shot, and his Ukrainian wife disappears—along with Laney’s best friend—at her neighborhood summer block party, Laney will need all her skills as a PI to solve a mystery that reaches far beyond her small town.
As people closest to Laney fall under suspicion, the local authorities, and her colleagues, question her own complicity. And then there’s fifteen-year-old Alfie, her complicated, enigmatic son, obviously hiding something. Even as Laney struggles to bury evidence of her boy’s involvement, his cagey behavior rings every maternal alarm.
Laney’s personal life unravels as she’s drawn into her friend’s dark secrets, and she must ask herself: how far would a wife and mother go to keep her family from ruin? One woman’s desperation is another’s downfall, and with treachery blazing hot as the searing summer sun, Laney realizes she and Alfie are in danger and she must fight to save lives, her own and her son’s included.